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Thanks to the support of the operators, GWIN will continue to work with you to win back the world!

We all my colleagues, look forward to meet with you next year.

G2E Day 3:
GWIN won the 2017 G2E Gaming expo: Popular product championship,honored to receive the most prestigious Asian gaming magazine special interview.

We launched the product,topped the audience the highest popularity products, very pleased to let operators have a very high degree of inquiry.

G2E during the show, for two consecutive days to get the first good results!

The peak of the crowd the next day, we won the first popular product!

GWIN Girls tour to the exhibition entrance, thank the customers for their support.

Smile sweet, friendly attitude GWIN Girls allow customers to wait for business sales, can feel the crown win for each customer's attention.

The beginning of the second day of the exhibition, visitors flocked to the booth to become very lively.

G2E Day 2:
GWIN popular first product! The The second day of the show, thanks to the support of visitors, GWIN won the honor of the best popular product.

The first day into the list of popular products TOP 5

Carried out! The [58 Slot system] and [the strongest APP broadcast on the surface] inquiry is particularly good!

Current G2E Flyer
This G2E product brochure

The current G2E flagship product

2017 G2E GWIN released: [58 Slot system] to provide franchise slot machine operators, betting the size of the moment to enlarge several times the high-performance system, a customer service will be able to complete all the concessions.

18 sales staff, is the spirit of the background propaganda, ready to go.

Smile sweet GWIN Girl, this time on behalf of GWIN brand bright yellow

G2E Day 1
GWIN this exhibition theme, will introduce high-performance entertainment city system, the goal together with the operators in the competitive market to win back the world, the use of GWIN mobile system, move the new blue ocean!

Six-meter-high wall, wrote GWIN vision: by the mobile system, so that operators in the competitive market to become stronger, missed the last decade does not matter, join the GWIN to get the world back!